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Lindsay established our business with a determination that would make a 'masterpiece', not a 'product'. Ten years have passed already.

And I want to thank you very much for the attention and success that you've shown.
We will continue to provide you with more rewarding products and services thanks to your support.

Lindsay is a beauty brand specializing in esthetics represented by LIndsay&Cos Inc and Limsworld. Lindsay is an Aesthetic-specialized beauty brand and develops products to help improve the fundamental problems of irritated skins by the noxious environments with good proven natural ingredients.

Lindsay & Cos Inc. - lindsaycos.com

Based on more than 10 years of experience and research technique, we stubbornly select the raw materials of the highest grade and produce the best products manufactured directly on our own at the manufacturing facility exclusively for modeling pack going through the direct manufacturing and production process with our optimal production recipes.
We stick to naturalism even for the preservatives added in a small amount to the cosmetic products and develop a product to be used easily at home as well as Aesthetic Center and ultimately establish our position as Home Aesthetic brand.

As I started the company with an intention to benefit many customers with good quality products, I will devote myself to developing and launching good products in the market without losing my first resolution.
We will listen to your voice and meet your expectations.

Thank you again for visiting our website.
Thank you.

Lindsay&Cos Inc. www.lindsaycos.com / Lindsayshop www.lindsay.co.kr

Lindsay & Cos Inc. - lindsaycos.com

Lindsay History

  • 2009. 02.

    -Establishment of Limsworld

    2009. 03.

    -Entered the Open Market

    2009. 04.

    -Opened Online Shopping mall 'Lindsay Shop'

    2009. 12.

    -Entered 'GS Shop'

  • 2010. 05.

    -Displayed in 'Kintex Beauty Exhibition'

    2010. 06.

    -Moved Limsworld Office Building

  • 2011. 11.

    -Entered the 'CJ mall'

    2011. 12.

    -Collective Agreement made with the Seokyung Univ.
    Orology Consortium

  • 2012. 01.

    -Entered 'Nongshim Mega Mart'(The biggest big-box retailer in Busan)

    2012. 02.

    -Entered Daegu Hyundai Dep. Store

    2012. 06.

    -Beginning of Sales at Japan (Sunday 9am business tie-up)

    2012. 07.

    -Collective Agreement made with the Dankook Univ. Orology Consortium
    -Entered 'E-Mart' (the biggest big-box retail in Korea)

    2012. 08.

    -Entered 'Home&Shopping'

    2012. 10.

    -Establishment of company's production factory, Linsday Cosmetics

  • 2013. 01.

    -Establishment of Limsworld's R&D Dep.

    2013. 02.

    -Selected HIT500 Small and Medium Business Corporation

    2013. 03.

    -Entered “Mega Mart Pandora” at Sillim and Hongdae in Seoul, Korea
    -Launched the Joint R&D product with CJ

    2013. 05.

    -Entered Seoul Business Agency Shop

    2013. 09.

    -Launched Joint Corporation Research with Dankook Univ.

  • 2014. 02.

    -Establishment of Lindsay Cosmetic

    2014. 05.

    -Ranked 1st at Natural Cosmetics Field (Analyzed by Rankey.com)

    2014. 07

    -Contracts in progress Overseas Markets including China, Hongkong, Japan.

    2014. 11.

    -Product Launching in Drug Store (Olive young, Watsons Etc.)

  • 2015. 03.

    -Exported more than 9 countries

    2015. 05.

    -Placed in 1st to 5th Ranking in Online Market place of Modeling Mask

    2015. 08.

    -Ranked 2nd-best selling mask pack in 'Olive Young', well-known market in Korea

    2015. 09.

    -Awarded Bronze Award in Korean Beauty
    Exhibition held in KINTEX as 3rd best
    media from Chinese broadcasting.

    2015. 12.

    -Participated in International Beauty Expo in China

  • 2016. 04.

    -Displayed in 'Coex Beauty Exhibition'

    2016. 09.

    -Selected female-owned business

    2016. 11

    -Awarded Good Product in My Style Trend
    -Selected Korea Good Brand Awards(Beauty)

    2016. 12.

    -Selected 'Export Frontier Enterprise' by the Gyeonggi Provincial Government

  • 2017. 02.

    -Exported more than 30 countries

    2017. 03.

    -Selected Hi-Seoul Good Products Awards

    2017. 05.

    -Establishment of LINDSAY&COS

    2017. 10.

    -Awarded Editor’s choice in K-BEAUTY EXPO KOREA 2017
    (Nominated 8 company among more than 500 company)

    2017. 11.

    -Beginning sales in Wal-mart & the other off-line channels of USA

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